About me


When I learned my trade from 1986 to 1988, the official job title was still “Druckvorlagenhersteller”. That was shortly after they called it “Lithograph”.

A lot’s happened since then. I have gained my experience in printing and prepress companies and in various advertising agencies. And my job has become more and more a passion. I have discovered that I enjoy designing good ads, logos and websites that look a little different from many others.

The most important stages of my professional career:
1986 – 1988: retraining as a master copy producer
1993 – 1995: Technical management of the DTP department, M.L.&S. Advertising Agency, Düsseldorf
1996 – 1998: Technical management of the DTP department, Seekamp Advertising, Bremen
1998 – 2010: work as media designer in Bremen, Vechta, Drentwede and Nortrup
Since 2011: freelance graphic designer

My hobbies are photography, image editing and motorcycling. I am the father of two grown-up children.