Tip no. 2: Be authentic!

08.03.2017 Service


Your customer expects from you exactly what you show him of yourself. Sounds banal at first, but is very important. If, for example, your customer perceives you as conservative because you were very formal at the first meeting in clothing and language, he will expect the same from you in the future. That can be good or bad. If your customer likes to work with conservative business partners, he will want to contact you again. This will also be successful if this is exactly your style and you don’t have to bend to be conservative. But if you live in a more casual attitude, the shot can quickly backfire. At some point your client will notice that you are not as conservative as he perceived you and doubt your sincerity. That would be fatal. But if, in the opposite case, you have behaved as you really are and the customer has started working with you on the basis of the service offered, he will stay with you (assuming good performance) – and you do not have to bend over.
Conversely, of course, it works the same way. And of course this is not only true for “conservative ⬌ casual” but also for many other features.