Tip no. 1: Make yourself visible!

17.02.2017 Service


If you offer a good product or service that no one notices, then you have nothing (and no one else). You have no choice but to advertise your service. Henry Ford already knew: “Who does not advertise, dies”.

Well, it’s not as if you have to spend a lot of money on your advertising, but you should plan a certain budget for it. In the early stages of a business it is often helpful to get family, friends and acquaintances on board – to tell them what you are doing and why it is so important for potential customers. There’s always one or the other, perhaps around a few corners, who needs your services at exactly the right time. And if you not only satisfy this first customer but really convince him, then you have a “multiplier”. Your customer knows others from his business environment. Maybe he will be approached about your product and can recommend you, maybe he will even recommend you on his own. This type of advertising is the best you can have (and very inexpensive on top of that).

And if you then have a small overview of your services ready for your future customers, for example in the form of a well-done flyer or a brochure – or even better: your own website, which not only provides information but is also professionally made, then a new prospective customer quickly becomes a new customer.